About Alejandro Franceschi

Anywhere one may search online, they are bound to discover thousands of sites and individuals overflowing with technical expertise. The sum total of human knowledge is at one’s fingertips, but comprehension may remain opaque and execution problematic, because information is piled into light years of density. Finding who and what you need, when you need it, is the proverbial needle in the haystack, and this is where you need assistance.

Alejandro Franceschi has a golden skill-set. One he continues to sharpen from the past decade in Silicon Valley, for global enterprise clients ranging from: Kendall-Jackson Family Enterprises, to Splunk>, Apple, VISA (Labs), CISCO, and Facebook:

Deciphering what a client requires, then developing and/or curating the skills, teams, knowledge and abilities that enable solutions for execution.

Alejandro is world-class at bringing together those who produce results. He does not fit into a box. He is a cross-functional leader who flows between individual contributors, teams, and c-suite, where and when needed. See below for what solutions he can bring to your challenges.

Projects of interest and continued professional development include: marketing, brand, and creative on the future of content and human and computer interfaces focused on immersion (software, hardware, OS, UI, UX, and EQ/AI avatars), AR and VR for: enterprise, security, theme parks, games, training, healthcare, and entertainment; exploration of frontier technologies.


- Peter Drucker

The trends that I have described above are not forecasts (for which I have little use and scant respect); they are, if you will, conclusions. Everything discussed here has already happened; it is only the full impacts that are still to come. I expect most readers to nod and to say, “Of course”. But few, I suspect, have yet asked themselves: “What do these futures mean for my own work and my own organization?”

- from, The Economist (October, 1989);
The Futures That Have Already Happened

What Alejandro brings to a project and/or role


• WHAT HE DOES: A Creative Producer and Technologist who crafts story solutions for brands to reach their audiences. He assists in how best to represent a brand, product, and/or identity, by producing high-quality (narrative) content that delivers on measurable business goals, on time and on budget. He helps to explore, define, and articulate frontier technologies that will soon replace how most presently interface with machines and content.

• WHO HE IS: A Storyteller, who works hard and plays well with others in digital mediums such as: photography, video, stop-motion, 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, VFX, VR, AR, etc. He has a boundless curiosity, imagination, and scope of technical understanding over myriad channels, platforms, and media types. He creates, welcomes and supports diverse teams, perspectives, work environments and collaborative, respectful problem-solving.

• YOUR PAIN POINT: Nearly everything is a kind of product or brand, and they need to be wrapped in stories that meaningfully reach their audiences. These stories should define for consumers what they do, who they are, & what they stand for; in transparent, charming, interactive & surprising ways.

• OTHER KEY SKILLS and INFO: Bilingual in English & Spanish, thorough researcher, creative director, social media marketer and advertiser, user of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, Adobe Enterprise Ambassador, competitive and business intelligence, advertising, commercials, series TV, brand awareness, multimedia, audience segmentation and sentiment, project and product management. Advisory member of Volumetric Camera Systems.

• WORK HISTORY INCLUDES: Microsoft, Maybelline, L’Oreal, Kendall-Jackson Family Enterprises, Saban Entmt. Group, Disney, Telemundo, MTV/VH1 Latino, Univision, Disney Latino, Jakks Pacific, Apple, Duarte Design, Splunk>, VISA Labs, CISCO Systems, & Facebook.

Awarded by his peers with: an Emmy®, Lumiere, Silver & Bronze Telly, an International Platinum AVA, Aurora, et al. Recipient of Foster Fellowship Grant. Work exhibited by NSU MoA in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Sotheby’s Art of VR, TriBeCa Film Festival’s Immersive Arcade, and Cannes Film Festival. 19 professional referrals on LinkedIn. Alejandro is top-ranked on Quora with <1.2M views on topics such as: Adobe, animation, virtual reality, etc., with an average monthly readership of 25K+ on Quora alone, and ~20K+ professionally curated followers on multiple social platforms.

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The strength of brand loyalty begins with how your product makes people feel.

- Jay Samit