Biography: Alejandro Franceschi

Once upon a time, Alejandro Franceschi was a kid enthralled by the power of cinema to transport him to meet people and see places that never were nor could have been. He had hoped to somehow finagle his way into a mentorship under special effects masters of the time that he so greatly admired, such as Rick Baker, Rob Bottin, Stan Winston, etc. 

After a certain movie with dinosaurs came about, he knew that nothing would remain the same, and opted for the ever evolving possibilities of digital. His career path started in commercials and series television, garnering him multiple awards and nominations from his peers, including Emmy, Telly and AVA recognition. He later spent some time working on major studio feature films, developing software for stereoscopic conversion and executing stereoscopic compositing.

He considered returning to teaching and/or the possibility of a higher-level role in corporate, and decided to return for his graduate degree in animation and visual effects from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. Little did he know his studies would be endlessly interrupted, as they led to an odyssey of working for Bay Area companies he never dreamed to be so lucky to be a part of in some way.

Like most who remain in San Francisco long enough, Alejandro kept freelancing while trying to build another company. After dabbling for a year on developing holograms, he turned his attentions to virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) content. Living in the middle of all the development for the associated technologies and companies of VR and AR in downtown San Francisco, while an active member of the communities that sprouted as a result, he ended up co-founding INVAR Studios. The company focused on creating original IP for VR and AR, while also providing production and post services, at scale, to other content creators. He actively served as INVAR Studios' Creative Technologist, its VFX Supervisor for pre-production, on-set, and transcontinental post-production facilities.

In Q4 of 2017, Alejandro departed INVAR Studios to join Facebook, where he works presently. In March of 2018, the short film, Rose Colored
was honored with the Lumiere award, for Best Live-Action VR. Currently, Alejandro is working on other startup projects, and remains firmly vested in the developemnt of the VR/AR space. He remains open to consultation and speaking opportunities, and you can reach him for those directly via his LinkedIn.