Autostereoscopic ("glasses-free") Dolby 3D

Autostereoscopic 3D

"Glasses-free" Dolby 3D


     While we won't be liberated from "glasses-free" technology for the cinema just yet, for technical and fiscal reasons too long to detail here, autostereoscopic technology from Dolby Labs (in conjunction with Philips) is coming to a UHD TV to you this 2016; along with High Dynamic Range, HDR, for the closest we can get to reproducing purest blacks and brightest whites.

     Of course, the man who practically pushed cinemas into bankruptcy to deliver 3D, is back so that his Avatar tetralogy (yes, three, not just two more motion pictures, and it's not "quadrilogy," sorry Alien boxed set producers) will look and sound as vividly stunning not just at the movies, but on any device, including your computer monitors, tablets, and other mobile devices (with Dolby Atmos audio too, of course). Here is James Cameron giving his teleprompter-based elevator pitch Dolby 3D Specs PDF (if you are using Chrome, click the "Watch Video!" link):