Greetings & Salutations, Dear Reader.

Hello, Dear Reader,

     This is the start of my first, truly dedicated blog.

     I shall begin by breaking perhaps the Number One Rule of Blogging (or perhaps I should say: rules): have a theme, a purpose, a reason of value for people to return. Also, by all means necessary, keep it short! This entry, however, is lengthier because I must lay down my foundation for what is to follow.

     I don’t know where this #blog will go, but I hope it does provide interesting insight into facets of who I am: professionally, personally and then-some.

    I aspire to share how I operate my #digital #media #business , Tempest Digital, Inc., For better or for worse, follow me as I continue with my 7+ years of #HybridEmployment - in the ether, shifting as employee, contractor, consultant, et al. I cannot give away how I do everything, but for those just starting out, or perhaps those far along who need a different perspective, let me be your guide the way so many other generous persons have before me.

     During these various phases of employment, I hope to complete my M.F.A. in Animation & Visual Effects, while also #working , #learning, #growing, and perhaps becoming not what I set out to be professionally. If not, then may the journeys to whichever destinations be fulfilling, satisfying, and entertaining to us all.

     I intend to share and discuss my work in: #TV #Film #Animation #Marketing #Advertising #Commercial #NonProfit #Corporate #SMM #SocialMediaMarketing and more. Of course, I’ll share the stories too! If you have authentic questions to ask of me, please do so, and I will gladly respond as soon as I have the time.

     I will share my love of the #Arts & #Literature . I shall try my best also not to sound as if I were running for office. My love for #politics lies in the optimistic belief that if #altruism & #logic prevailed over #greed , the world would be a far better place in which to live. If my path winds toward that way, I would be both humbled and elated to serve the public.

      What I learn, I aim to share with you, in the hopes that if you listen and act, that you inform me of the outcomes of such ideas placed into action. Not only am I vested in being of service, I am vested in learning what you gained from my experience. What did you change, if anything, to be suitable as leverage for your own use?

     I thank you if you’ve read this far, and look forward to continuing with new-found virtual and “in-real-life” (IRL) persons and friends along the way.

Kind Regards,

Alejandro Franceschi