Enjoy that Rat Race Contest for a Social Media Marketing Agency Job, Sucker!

Original post by Infinigraph CEO, Chase McMichael:

The job post by
Wieden & Kennedy:

Wieden & Kennedy are looking for a for #SocialStrategist  -  so why does the #CEO of #Infinigraph, Chase McMichael, think it’s a joke?

I do not speak for that company, the thoughts below are my own (no one would have them anyway…::sigh::).

#Infinigraph & its services takes the guesswork out of blind strategems, and you can apply a real strategy to #BigData that has been backed up by honest research. Note that the CEO is not advocating that one become slaves to the data either.

#BigData should not replace human ingenuity/wit: but taking shots in the dark, with pre-set parameters, is as much of a blind chance with the person you’re getting whom actually ‘achieves’ those 'goals.’ How do you know that individual  didn’t 'game’/hack the contest? How do you know the person is not a total 'whacko’ whom cannot work in a corporate environment? What happens if the person is a 'one-hit’ wonder? Where/when/if does H.R. weigh in on checking out this person’s background? What if they have a non-mainstream friendly background, such as having previously worked for an adult entertainment company? Then what? Is the company going to whitewash their past or select a different candidate? Exactly…

I know of other, even #Fortune500 companies, that have fallen into this #SMM #contest #trap to 'win’ a coveted role in a prestigious corporation. When they finally landed their 'winner,’ often the selection wasn’t as honest as advertised, and they were taken to task in the media by it on a grand scale.

That is a mighty expensive P.R. nightmare to recover from, indeed. 

I’m just sayin’…

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