Reason #495,904,094 why San Francisco is one of the most incredible places to live:

Whether you are a hopeless #Foodie, or a hapless techie-bot who needs wholesome, healthy, sustainable, and professionally cooked meals due to insane hours (I truly miss my chef from FL ::sigh::), then I present to you: THE MUNCHERY!

Order online, or on your mobile device, and get outstanding, chef-prepared meals of your choosing — DELIVERED to your door! Order 2-days in advance and get an even greater discount! Dinners, desserts, and more – whether for 1 person, or catering for an entire event.

Vegetarian, Halaal, and Kosher foods are online for you to select, new dishes every day! Diabetic, gluten-free, and other dishes for those suffering from celiac troubles are here too!

Believe it or not, due to the scale of the operation, the meals are priced at about what it would cost one to make it yourself! Please note: each dish is hand-made, fresh, daily, by mom & pop businesses, sourced from sustainable ingredients - this is not a conglomerate churning out meals.

Even better, the delivery offsets their carbon footprint, also with reusable totes, and/or bamboo containers! I order my meals and pick them up after getting home, the delivery vehicle sends a SMS/text message when close-by, so you aren’t waiting needlessly – and they’re prompt for the delivery-time of your choosing.

If you want to give it a try, you can use my coupon code!:

Plus, if you pay $39 in advance, you get FREE DELIVERY ALL YEAR!!!