#VES Exec. Director responds to #Variety article on #VFX pro treatment.

All my #VFX peeps, the Executive Director of the #VES (Visual Effects Society), Mr. Eric Roth, responds to the article in #Variety about the treatment of #VFX professionals in our industry at present:


FYI, the Twitterverse has been aflame about the whole #DigitalDomain (Port St. Lucie, FL) debacle. While I cannot made a definitive list on the topic, these people are worth following for their connections, insight, and speed on getting the REAL NEWS out to people:

@scottsquires - VFX legend, if you don’t know him, you should: Visual Effects Supervisor (The Mask, DragonHeart, Phantom Menace, etc), VFX, Director (one of the few VFX leads willing to support unionization, rational, logical perspective after 30 years in the business)

@Variety_DSCohen - this guy isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers on Twitter! Associate features editor and tech reporter for Variety; author of Screen Plays (HarperCollins) and The Ballad of Rango (Insight Editions). 3D & vfx maven.

@karenidelson - a reporter for #Variety who was connecting and talking to artists about the poor treatment they were receiving, both pre & post #DigitalDomain implosion. Follow her conversations with them for some eye-opening information from the real people that work in the business, and also from those who suffered at the hands of mismanagement.

@VFXSoldier - both a Twitter handle and a blog about the reality of motion picture visual effects production in this day and age. Understandably a controversial site because the writer is anonymous, as are many comments, which makes some of it difficult to verify. That being said, having spoken to, read, and worked at a number of visual effects studios, boutiques and departments, I can say - it’s not far from the truth.

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/eric-roth/the-real-wizards-of-oz-de_b_1166422.html