While this #Kickstarter effort is laudable, there is NO way that this #videogame is genuinely being executed at the cost they are aiming for; sorry, but there is some cost absorption being hidden. This is a problem, because now investors will think, if this group is successful, and say to other potential indie game makers: well THEY did it for $30K!

I seriously question the sense of true immersion in a world of #hyperrealism when the #OculusRift is not only incapable of currently presenting a high enough resolution, but true 3D sound, and the extreme weight is highly distracting.

When I wore the OR at #GDC I was in pain after barely 15 minutes, to the point I thought the bridge on my nose would collapse from the weight, despite tying the headband as tightly as I could to offset the pressure (that too was distracting, especially if one has long hair, like myself).

What do you game-makers think? I would certainly like to hear your feedback.