Skills Overview

My education has been for Media Arts and Animation for undergrad, with Animation and Visual Effects for graduate school. Like most people, our lives take us into directions we may never have considered, enriching our skills and overall capabilities over the years. Here are some highlights of what I can bring to help solve whatever challenges your client, team, or company may be experiencing. If you have any questions, just ask! 

Adobe Creative Cloud and AEM

     I have been using Adobe's tools since the late 90's, mostly for broadcast. I am certainly a master user of that particular ecosystem of tools, and am competent with the use of the rest of the tools in the suite.
     I have also been exposed to AEM for handling enterprise-level marketing efforts, content creation, publishing and metrics.

Red Giant Software

     I am highly adept at using the myriad scripts and plugins available from third party vendors such as Red Giant, Video CoPilot, Rowbyte, Mettle (for 360 mono/stereo), etc., to enhance the color grade, motion design, animation, and visual effects of a project.

Social Media Icons Grey

Social Media Advertising and Marketing

     I have helped world renowned brands like Kendall-Jackson Family Enterprises and post-IPO big data unicorn Splunk>, to create, establish and develop their footprint in these areas, find and segment their audiences, amplify their messaging, and modify their sales funnels towards better ROI by discovering their appropriate KPIs. 


     For some projects, depending on the complexity and type, I will use Foundry's Nuke software. Currently, I'm developing my skills with its 360 stitching software CaraVR.      Whenever I can find the time, I try to pick up some more skills with their superior 3D painting program, MARI, and their stereoscopic correction software, Ocula. 
     Red Giant Software is pretty much a suite of de-facto industry standard motion graphics and visual effects design tools used with the Adobe suite of products.

Project puzzle in blue

Project Management

     I am not a certified project manager, yet several roles I have held, whether in series TV, social media, visual effects, or in managing other teams of creatives, is not far removed from the title in this capacity. I have broken down budgets, consulted on RFPs and SOWs, worked across department stakeholders and executive staff, and brought projects from ideation to final deliverables. 



Virtual Reality

     Virtual Reality, while not new, is new to the consumer space, and it still needs a lot of development before it's anywhere close to where most of us would want it to be. 
     Since my background has been mostly from the production and post side of content creation, I can execute the same for live-action stereoscopic and monoscopic 360 video, motion design, and visual effects.
     This is fundamentally different than virtual reality which is executed within a game engine such as Unity or Unreal Engine.      While I am new to the game engines, I am not to the other processes surrounding production and post for the assets they use.      I am currently developing my skills for Blueprint in Unreal, along with C# for Unreal and Unity. My next step will be to take the plunge and learn C++ so I can have the flexibility to adapt the game engines to my client's needs. 

Video Production

Video Production and Post Production

     The first decade of my career was focused almost exclusively on production and post for broadcast. As technologies evolved, I continued to adapt and keep my skills as up-to-date as possible. 
     As social media came to prominence, along with faster internet and mobile devices, my skills were highly transferable to rapidly evolving sectors within tech, advertising and marketing.
     With over 70% of all content on the web being video, and growing, I am confident that I can assist reaching targets at different roles and work environments.