Marketing New Realities:

An introduction to Virtual Reality & augmented reality marketing,
branding & communications

In 2017, I was a Contributing Author to "Top LinkedIn Voice: Tech" on XR, Cathy Hackl. She has been a Futurist at "You Are Here" (YAH) Labs, and works as Developer of Marketing at Magic Leap. The book is now a part of the curriculum for the Vancouver Film School.

The articles/chapter content I contributed to were all written within a month, and included:

0.) What Sundance Taught Us about the Future of VR
1.) How VR & AR Will Change Social Media
2.) How VR & AR Will Change Content Marketing and Search

I personally love books and reading as much as possible, and this remains an excellent way to self-market one’s skills in an exploding number of markets. However, given this particular set of topics and the speed of change in the various mediums, it was obsolete at the time of publication. This makes a fantastic reason to book the authors, so they can keep you up to date!

Personally, I would like to write a book about similar topics, including emerging methodologies, pipelines and workflows for creating all kinds of content in a fractured media landscape; from VFX facilities, game studios, to social media, marketing, agencies, and enterprise.

Also, a new language to cinema is being added, specifically with 360, AR, and VR. I think there is an extraordinary opportunity to not just write about these developments, but create a new means to disseminate the informational and experiential aspects of it that can remain consistently updated.

Lastly, because of my own history and connections to this day, I want to further explore and share the work being done for theme parks. There is currently a lot underway not just for new kinds of “dark rides,” but also for how guests will experience the parks individually and collectively, in real time and asynchronously. These experiences extend to all branches of their IP and the brand itself, long before and/or after guests, and their networks, ever step foot (physically and/or virtually) inside of them.

By Cathy Hackl, Samantha G. Wolfe

Full Disclosure:
I earn a commission if you purchase this book from the link on this site.

Author, William Gibson

“The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.”

- William Gibson -